is a passionate and results-driven brand specialist who thrives on crafting impactful messages for the world to see. From devising brand strategies for prestigious 4-star restaurants to creating fresh identities for emerging businesses, He is genuinely captivated by the power of visual communication. With a diligent and intelligent approach, I have dedicated nearly 16 years of expertise to shaping and elevating brands for a diverse range of clients.

dennis bosher


What I Do?

Dennis Bosher is a seasoned branding strategist with over 16 years of experience in the design industry. From his early teenage years, Dennis developed a passion for design that has remained a driving force throughout his adult life. With a background in engineering, Dennis leveraged his skills and expertise to establish Reevl, a boutique branding firm dedicated to offering affordable services tailored to small businesses.

In addition to his extensive design career, Dennis has acquired certifications in brand strategy, digital marketing, and search engine optimization. These credentials further enhance his ability to deliver comprehensive and impactful solutions for his clients.

Dennis offers a unique and results-driven approach to brand strategy with his meticulously developed system, aptly named The Results Approach. This innovative framework revolutionizes the way brands are built and positioned, ensuring tangible outcomes.

Identity design is Dennis’s unwavering passion, as he recognizes its vital role in every branding project. With a keen understanding of the importance of visual presence, he strives to create impactful brand identities that resonate with audiences.

Dennis firmly believes that aligning your brand’s image and personality with all printed materials is a crucial part of any brand. He emphasizes the significance of creating a cohesive representation that consistently reflects yourbrand’s essence.

Dennis is a skilled packaging designer, adept at creating impactful designs for a wide range of products, including toy boxes and honey jars. With meticulous attention to detail, his designs authentically embody the brand’s image, leaving a lasting impression.

Dennis’s expertise spans a vast range of web design projects, from HTML mockups to comprehensive WordPress revamps. With a portfolio boasting countless successful creations, he has consistently delivered exceptional designs for diverse clients and businesses.

Dennis’s all-in-one approach to web services includes reliable web hosting for his clients. By offering comprehensive solutions, he minimizes complexity, ensuring client satisfaction and a seamless experience from a single trusted source.


About Dennis’s Business.

Reevl is the embodiment of luxury and affordability combined. It’s where you can enjoy the prestige of a Mercedes with the budget-friendly flexibility of a Honda. We deliver the full Mercedes experience without the inflated price tag.

In today’s business landscape, the value of branding and design has never been higher. As big businesses recognize the impact of a strong brand, they willingly shell out substantial sums to top design agencies. Unfortunately, this demand drives up the cost of these services.

At Reevl, we disrupt this norm by offering high-quality branding and design at a fraction of the traditional cost. We firmly believe that every business deserves the opportunity to cultivate a compelling brand identity without breaking the bank. With Reevl™, you can achieve greatness without compromise.