is an enthusiastic, strategy-centric brand specialist, that loves creating messages for the world to see. Whether its a brand strategy for a 4 star restaurant or a new identity for an up and coming business, I absolutely love communicating through visual stimulation. I work hard and I work smart. With nearly 15 years of experience I have helped develop brands for hundreds of clients.

dennis bosher


What I Do?

Dennis Bosher is a branding strategists that has been in the design industry for over 15 years, specializing in branding and identity development. Dennis’s love for design started in his early teenage years and continued throughout his adult life. Dennis has a background in engineering which ultimately lead to founding Reevl, a small branding firm that focused on providing affordable services for small businesses.

To top off his lengthy career in design, Dennis has obtained certifications for brand strategy, digital marketing and search engine optimization.

Dennis offers a unique approach to brand strategy based on a system he has developed over the years.
The Results Approach.

Identity design has long been one of Dennis’s passions. Creating a brand’s visual existence is a highly integral part of any branding project.

Dennis has always found importance in the idea that all of your printed materials should reflect your brand’s image and personality.

Dennis has been contracted to design packaging of multiple types. From toy boxes to honey jars, Dennis creates impactful designs that reflect a brand’s image.

Whether it’s a mockup for an HTML website or a complete WordPress revamp, Dennis has created hundreds of website designs for a variety of clients and businesses.

Dennis has always provided webhosting for his clients. This has helped to reduce complication and keep the clients happy by providing all services from one company.


About Dennis’s Business.

Reevl™ is where you end up when you want the quality of a Mercedes but only have the budget for a Honda. You receive everything you wanted in that Mercedes but only at a fraction of the cost.

Today the value of branding and design is higher than ever and big businesses are paying the high prices set by those big design agencies because they see the value in a strong brand. This willingness to pay big raises the cost for those services.

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